Labour & Employment Law

Clients expect quick and feasible solutions for day-to-day operational issues, for transactions as well as court proceedings. They also expect an understanding of the specific needs in particular sectors and reasonable costs in relation to the effects of the advice provided. We provide support in all areas of labour law of your operational practice, both out-of-court and before the labour courts throughout Germany at every level of jurisdiction. Our clients are small and medium-sized (SME) German and international enterprises as well as senior executives.

Range of services

  • Negotiation of collective agreements
  • Dealing with works councils
  • Employment contracts, remuneration models
  • Co-determination of employees at company level
  • Employee data protection, compliance in employment
  • Handbook & GTC checks
  • Litigation
  • Work Force Restructuring in Germany
  • Labor law is a critical success factor in restructuring companies and in corporate transactions.
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Jan Tibor Lelley // Labor Law Magazine, 01.07.2018

To be or not to be - Are three-party restructuring agreements still legal in Germany?

Jan Tibor Lelley // LaborLawMagazine March 2017

German Employment Law – driven by numbers

Jan Tibor Lelley // LaborLawMagazine May 2016

It can be torture – every day. Works Councils in Germany: how to handle them

Sabine Feindura, Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley // March 2016

Handbook & GTC checks

Tobias Grambow // November 2015

Office staff for the Works Council

Dr. Katrin Hasler-Hagedorn // November 2015

Dismissal for operational reasons

Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley // November 2015

No more safe harbors!

Felix Hebert // November 2015

Industrial Disputes

Ines Heydasch // November 2015

Termination Without Notice

Sabine Feindura // November 2015

Company practice

Thomas Geißler // August 2015

Entitlement to enter a part-time contract

Bianca Brier // August 2015

"Discrimination" against rejected candidates? News from AGG-Hopping

Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley // August 2015

Mass layoffs – who counts?

Dr. Katrin Hasler-Hagedorn // August 2015

Change in precedent: No reduction in holiday leave due to parental leave anymore after termination of employment

Sabine Feindura // August 2015

Granting leave after dismissal with immediate effect

Tobias Grambow // August 2015

Termination due to Suspicion of a Criminal Offense

Tobias Grambow // July 2015

Granting of breaks

Dr. Mathias Kühnreich // July 2015

Social Plan Compensation

Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley // July 2015

Social Plan and Bonus for Waiving the Right to File a Complaint

Felix Hebert // July 2015

Monitoring of Employees

Ines Heydasch // July 2015


Felix Hebert // March 2015

Legal jurisdiction for lawsuits by managing directors

Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley // March 2015

Validity of Restructuring Agreements for Union Outsiders

Dr. Alexander Krol // March 2015

Fake work contracts

Thomas Geißler // March 2015

Contract law

Tobias Grambow // March 2015

Making working hours more flexible

Brochure July 2014

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