Reputation Protection and Media Law

Reputation Protection and Media Law

Trust is crucial for both economic and social success, and reputation plays a vital role in building and maintaining trust for individuals and organizations alike. A positive reputation is essential as public perception can be significantly influenced by various factors such as notifications from authorities or investigations, internal conflicts, court proceedings, media coverage, public product criticism, or statements made by individuals.

In today’s digital age, social media has made it difficult for individuals to avoid public scrutiny, as their personalities become more transparent and visible to others than ever before.

Our team specializes in managing and protecting reputations, offering prompt and effective support in the face of communication and reputation crises. We prioritize safeguarding the personal reputation of individuals and the reputations of companies through various communication and legal measures. With years of specialized experience, our team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of reputation-related challenges.

Range of services:

  • Reputation Management
    • Establishment and maintenance of reputation
    • Analysis of individual reputation risks
    • Implementation and evaluation of reputation management systems
    • Crisis communication and litigation PR
  • Protection of privacy
    • Press and publicity law
    • Right to one’s own image
    • Intimacy and privacy protection
    • Right to be forgotten
    • Data protection law
    • Contract drafting
  • Corporate protection
    • Press and publicity law
    • Protection of trade and business secrets
    • Competition law
    • Data protection law
    • Compliance
    • Contract drafting
  • Criminal law
    • Honor protection
    • Protection of personal life and privacy
  • Public media law
    • Assistance in official investigative and criminal proceedings
    • Public media and publicity law in the case of public relations work by public authorities
    • Freedom of information law
    • Broadcasting law
    • Telecommunications law
  • Seminars, workshops and training courses
    We provide tailored training courses and workshops to help our clients and their legal and communications teams develop skills in reputation protection and crisis management. Our training includes simulation exercises to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Additionally, we offer post-crisis guidance to help clients effectively manage and recover from reputation-related incidents. Our ultimate goal is to increase our clients’ resilience to future challenges.