Dr. Jürgen Miegel


Dr Jürgen Miegel is a Partner at Buse Heberer Fromm and a member of the Real Estate and Construction Law practice group.

Dr Jürgen Miegel advises companies across Germany in the wholesale and retail, building, logistics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the fields of machine and plant engineering and renewable energies (e.g. in the conceptual design of wind parks as well as investment contracts for trigeneration facilities, combined heating and power stations, and solar plants). This includes compliance advice for large-scale projects and plant operators in the field of occupational safety (EU Machinery Directive, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, Equipment and Product Safety Act etc.). In the context of complex large-scale projects, Dr Jürgen Miegel’s work extends to legal project management and legal advice during the construction phase.

He has further specializations in the field of compensation law for architects and engineers as well as copyright issues in connection with architectural and engineering works.