Dr. Dr. Simon Alexander Lück

Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Medizinrecht, Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht, Fachanwalt für Verwaltungsrecht

Simon Alexander Lück is a lawyer and Partner at Buse Heberer Fromm’s Berlin office. He is a member of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical practice group.

With over a decade’s experience as a corporate lawyer, including many years of leading his own healthcare and corporate law department, he advises Ambulatory Healthcare Centres, doctors and dentists, hospitals, medical professional organisations, associations of statutory healthcare physicians, pharmacies, pharmaceutical enterprises, medical device manufacturers as well as investors focusing on the healthcare and life science sectors.

His consulting services are entrepreneurially driven and strive to put the heavily regulated healthcare branch into an economic and digital context.

Simon Alexander Lück’s approach combines instruments of economic law (such as corporate structures, tax groups, franchising, private equity, and mezzanine) with regulatory forms of cooperation (managed care, Ambulatory Healthcare Centres, integrated healthcare, and medical supply networks). Cross-border projects and expansions also fall within the scope of his practice, based on his international experience from working as lawyer abroad (legal trainee in a U.S. (Chicago) corporate law firm; legal counsel at the European Investment Fund in Luxembourg).

At the same time, Simon Alexander Lück emphasises the importance of bearing in mind all the different players in the healthcare field, from large to small and from global pharmaceutical companies to local paediatricians, since only a profound understanding of the various horizons and perspectives in the broad field of healthcare and life science allows for a comprehensive and in-depth consultancy of the highest standards.

As a triple specialist lawyer, Simon Alexander Lück possesses the widest scope of formalised specialisation permitted by German law regulating the lawyers’ profession. He is a bar-certified specialist for medical, corporate, and administrative law.

He holds the academic degrees “Doctor of Theoretic Medicine” awarded by the Charité Medical University Berlin and “Doctor of Laws” awarded by the Free University of Berlin. His dissertation on preimplantation genetic diagnosis is part of the Library of the German Federal Supreme Court.

Practice Areas

  • Corporate law of the healthcare sector
  • Economic law of the healthcare sector
  • AHC
  • Statutory healthcare law
  • Structuring of medical practices, including founding, acquisition, sale and purchase
  • Admission to statutory healthcare servicing (authorisation, limited permission, job sharing)
  • Remuneration and budget
  • Medical professional law
  • Hospital law
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • Pharmacists’ law
  • Healthcare competition law
  • Medical device law