Corporate Cleanup

Scrub, polish and shine for your corporate structure


A clean, modern and properly documented corporate structure is a genuine value driver for any transaction, financing or succession project.

Groups of companies often grow over time by incorporating or buying companies or by acquiring them through joint ventures. Typically, the different articles of association, articles of incorporation and bylaws are inconsistent and provide for divergent rules regarding representation, assembly voting, quorums, majorities, and dividend policies. This considerably complicates management, makes it prone to error and reduces the value of the group in the event of a sale or divestment.


We will compose up-to-date articles of association / articles of incorporation and prepare resolutions, authorizations and registrations that will permit the entire group to be cleaned up with little effort for management. A cleaned-up structure measurably increases value in terms of medium-term, upcoming succession plans, sale of the company or financing negotiations.

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