Angelika Schwabe


Angelika Schwabe, Rechtsanwältin der Kanzlei Buse Heberer Fromm

Angelika Schwabe is a lawyer and Partner at BUSE’s Frankfurt office.

Angelika Schwabe primarily advises builders, investors and project developers as well as architects, specialist and general planners and construction companies on public and private building law, architects’ law and real estate law.

Angelika Schwabe began her career at the higher building authorities. Thereafter, she worked as an in-house lawyer at Commerzbank AG in the private building law and real estate law sector. She focused on providing legal advice during the planning and building phases of the new Commerzbank AG skyscraper in Frankfurt. Angelika Schwabe was also responsible for providing counsel with regard to important project developments and structured real estate financing – particularly as closed investment funds and leasing – in various companies belonging to the DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank group.

As a result of the expertise she gained working at the building authorities and her participation in the development, transaction and financing of extensive building projects, Angelika Schwabe has considerable specialized know-how and is in a position to accompany her clients from the commencement of their projects up to the renting phase.

She places great emphasis on finding creative and pragmatic solutions, drafting optimal contracts and avoiding disputes, also within the framework of company succession.

As a result of her knowledge in real estate, Angelika Schwabe is in a position to carry out real estate due diligence examinations within real estate and/or M&A transactions in order to reduce the risk for her clients.

Real estate due diligence examinations are becoming more and more important as banks now often request that such examinations be carried out within the framework of security assessments.

Any technical examinations that become necessary in the course of the due diligence are carried out by competent engineering companies as cooperation partners.