Dr. Andrea Behrends


Dr Andrea Behrends, lawyer at Buse Heberer Fromm in Zürich

Dr Andrea Behrends is a lawyer at BUSE Rechtsanwälte AG in Zurich.

Her core activities lie in the consultation of national and international companies, in particular with regard to bespoke contract drafting, restructuring, mergers as well as the sale and purchase of company shares. She additionally leads projects concerning the economic utilisation of real property abroad. A further focus of her work lies in consulting and supervising existing and newly established foundations (Stiftungsberaterin DAS, Berlin, 2010).

After studying law at the University of Heidelberg and completing her legal training, she worked in the area of European commercial law at the University of Oldenburg until obtaining her doctorate there. Furthermore, she was a member of the legal advisory board of the German Wind Energy Association for four years. After several years of residence in England and Italy, she moved to Switzerland, and, since 2009 has been working for BUSE in Zurich.