President José Manuel Ramos-Horta visits Buse Heberer Fromm

Nobel Peace Prize winner José Manuel Ramos-Horta met Dr. Peter Fissenewert, lawyer and partner at Buse Heberer Fromm, during his visit to Germany. Ramos-Horta was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996 for his efforts to find a peaceful solution to the East Timor conflict. He was President of East Timor from 2007 to 2012. On 01.01.2013 he was appointed UN Special Representative. From 2017 to 2018, he was Minister of State and advisor on national security issues.

The reason for the meeting with Fissenewert was Ramos-Horta’s interest in finding out about current developments in the area of corporate governance and compliance. Fissenewert is a proven expert in this area and has already examined the compliance efforts of the former President of East Timor in the region in 2015 in the Handbook Compliance international.

Ramos-Horta also wants to use its compliance information for its other activities.

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