Buse Heberer Fromm participating in the international compliance congress Alliance of Integrity in Bangkok

The Asian Compliance and Anti-Corruption Summit 2017 hosted by the Alliance for Integrity will take place in Bangkok (Thailand) on January 11 and 12, 2017.

The Alliance for Integrity is an international initiative that promotes transparency and integrity in economic systems. One of the goals of the initiative is the advancement of joint activities in all relevant sectors with the aim of promoting legally compliant behavior.

Compliance specialist Dr. Peter Fissenewert will actively be participating at this year’s summit. He is chairing the discussion on the “Cross-Border Anti-Corruption Program.” Fissenewert, who has already implemented a variety of compliance management systems (CMS) in numerous companies, has been supporting the Alliance for years.

In addition to the Alliance for Integrity, the Compliance Center of the Viadrina European University has helped organize this event in cooperation with the Hans Seidel Foundation, the CPG (German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance), and Thammasat University in Bangkok.

The discussions there and the results of the congress are likely to be of particular interest because Asia has shown potential for development in regard to anti-corruption, transparency, and compliance.

Further information on the program:

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