Hartmut Fromm


Hartmut Fromm is one of the co-founders of the Buse Heberer Fromm law firm.

His key areas are within corporate and transaction law, restructuring and M & A, tax law as well as real estate law.

He advises private persons, organizations operating in Germany as well as international companies and counts international tax law as one of his areas of specialization. Close co-operation with enterprises and their management has led to a wealth of individual legal solutions and answers to problems that can justly be described as innovative in terms of economic law-examples. He provides services of every kind that are relevant for starting up, developing, restructuring and expanding enterprises.

Hartmut Fromm is member of various advisory boards (IMW Immobilien SE, CeWe Color Holding AG, Homburg Invest Inc.) as well as dedicated to various cultural activities e.g. as treasurer of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museums-Verein. Ministries of a number of former CIS states engaged him to advise them on matters of legislation. He played a formative role in codifying the economic law of Georgia and made a vital contribution to drawing up its corporate law.  Being Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines he is member of the Corps Consulaire.  As result of his profession he has member-ships with the VBKI, American Academy, Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft, Club zum Rennweg, Club Allemand International and Monaco Yacht Club.

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