Dr.Thomas Hausbeck


Dr. Thomas Hausbeck is an attorney and partner with Buse Heberer Fromm in Munich.

His work as Certified Attorney for German Tax, Corporate and Commercial Law focuses on providing end-to-end advice on company law issues for German Mittelstand as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, their shareholders and management, as well as conducting the associated litigation cases.

An additional area of specialization of Dr. Hausbeck is advising and representing the interests of shareholders and management of companies in economic and/or financial crisis, insolvency administrators as well as insolvency creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

Furthermore, as a Certified Attorney for Commercial and Company Law, Dr. Hausbeck has a longstanding practical experience in the field of commercial agents and distributors, focusing in particular on compensation for commercial representatives.

Having the right of representation before all courts, he is regularly involved in coordinating litigation for German companies abroad and also conducts litigation in German courts for foreign clients in all fields of civil, corporate and commercial law, the focus of litigation work lying on his fields of certified expertise being Tax Law, Corporate Law and Commercial Law.

Due to his profound knowledge in the field, Dr. Hausbeck has been appointed since 2014 to lecture in company law at the Technical University of Munich.

Dr. Hausbeck is a member of the Practice Groups Company Law/M&A as well as Restructuring and Insolvency.

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